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  • 5/7/16: Site updated with new pedigrees & indexes
  • Bronte VG 86 +2326GTPI and sold at NY Spring Sale but we still have offspring here
  • Markland Jabir Brook-ET b:2/18/14 +2361GTPI 4/16 pedigree
  • Markland Oak Brandy-ET b:1/2/14 +2394GTPI 4/16 pedigree
  • Bronte
  • Bronte- Shamrock VG 86 VG mam DOM
    • +2326 GTPI from Hidden-View Best family!
  • Dasher- Gold Chip VG 85 @2-03! +1971 GTPI from Rudolph Zip 4E 95 family
    • Sold at NY Spring Sale but daughters are here.
  • Winnie's son, Sanchez has many, many high scoring and show winning daughters across the country!

CPA Jacey Yogurt-ET GTPI +2395 --Pedigree
+1145M +35F +44P +562NM +5.1PL 4/16
- Being flushed for embryo contracts! From the Yadda Family !
Dam: +2080GTPI GP 83 Domain daughter of Yvonne
Coyne-Farms Bkye Yvonne-ET VG 88
Yvonne Bkye

CPA Jacey Party-ET +2374TPI +1252M +34F +48P
+574NM +5.4PL 4/16- being flushed- Pedigree
Dam:Ath-Mor Piazz-ET +2092GTPI Sire:Jeeves Jives
2nd Dam: Ath-Mor Jammer Josh-ET VG 85 +1912GTPI
Josh Jammer

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